Brooklyn Utopias, Old Stone House, Brooklyn
Climate Justice Banners
Aug. 20 - Oct. 18, 2020

For Jane Jacobs Lives Here, I resurrect the activist spirit of Jane Jacobs, having her inhabit the Old Stone House (OSH) and once again confront Robert Moses (who played a central role in rebuilding OSH and its grounds); this time the struggle is about his decision to scrap a planned bike/pedestrian path on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge although one was originally planned. I combine images of the Verrazzano, that I made in my Bay Ridge neighborhood, with Jane Jacobs’ quotes from her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, that she was writing around the same time as Moses decided to eliminate the Verrazzano bike/pedestrian path.

Banners and flyers

A crucial part of the project is a QR code on flyers that link to my petition, asking people to support one of the Verrazzano's 13 lanes becoming a bike/pedestrian path, as proposed by Bike South Brooklyn - an activist bike group that I co-founded. Here is the first person to scan the QR code from my flyers on the fence, done while I was installing my work with a friend.

Opening night of Jane Jacobs Lives here - with Bay Ridge friends and flyers.

Jane Jacobs Lives Here, outside and inside the Old Stone House - on fence and on on top of the piano, along with my flyers for scheduled visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic

Climate Justice Flyers

I placed a total of 88 flyers on the fence, going all around the house and grounds.

My handpainting of Jane Jacob's dress - in front of my QR code that I am experiencing with in terms of size, color and patterns.

Off exhibition-site flyering, in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
Instagram post
Off exhibition-site flyering, in the Rockaways
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Sep. 12, arrive to Old Stone House between 1PM-3PM
Destination address: 336 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

I've organized Green Harbor Ride - join by riding your bike to The Old Stone House on September 12, arriving between 1PM - 3PM. Start off from wherever you prefer – Bike South Brooklyn is meeting at 12PM in front of Stand Gallery, 414 78th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

My Green Harbor Ride event took place in conjunction with New York Bike Jumble which meant I was surrounded by bike enthusiasts at the Old Stone House.

My DIY User Manual - summarizing the local bike activism I have been doing since the start of 2016.

August 19, 2020

When no action was taken to implement the bike/pedestration lane on the Verrazzano even during a pandemic/shutdown, I realized there is no political will or support for this to happen and consequently created a petition addressing our state's governor.