WinterSpace, 2009
photo by Sandra Mack-Valencia
A Lot got its start in 2009, when I turned my apartment into an artist space ("WinterSpace,") invited seven artists to make work about the view of a community garden, and organized a series of conversations. Since then, I've continued to orchestrate events with community gardeners and artists, place work by fellow artists in the gardens, and make my own work on this work.
my article, 1998
Berlingske Tidende
The community garden was my introduction to New Yorkers, when moving to the city in 1996. Here: fire-escape waves from neighbor, Fred, watering garden below.
Winter Garden
Arts@Renaissance, Brooklyn, NY.
Curated by Yulia Tikhonova
16 black & white images of garden projects I've organized, one large print, one hosted picnic
Winter Garden, detail
Winter Garden, detail
archival inkjet print
Winter Garden Picnic
For the 2010 exhibition at WinterSpace, Petra Valentova's Duck proposal hung on the walls but was too ambitious for A Lot's budget to realize. However, in 2012, she was able to use the proposal as a platform to get a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts and this, in combination with a successful Kickstarter campaign, enabled her to produce her duck for the LIC Community Garden.
Serving Toddy & Cookies for Petra's opening
LIC Community Garden, 2012
La Perla Garden
Alumbrados wall piece by Laura Fayer and Sandra Mack Valencia for A Lot.
My Sangria Station by the Alumbrados wall
La Perla Garden, 2012
My Garden Salad for Alumbrados Fiesta
La Perla Garden, 2012
La Perla Garden
With Sandra Mack-Valencia and Laura Fayer
Alumbrados Fiesta
La Perla Community Garden, 2012
Interview in La Perla Garden, with Laura Fayer, Sandra Mack Valencia, Bertha Rady and myself - as part on program on Sandra for Antioquenos de Mundo on the Teleantioquia channel. The section on A Lot starts at 18:17.
Robert Salanda, ISCP resident, created Morse Garden for A Lot - installed in the W. 104th St. Garden.
Robert Salanda, Morse Garden
W. 104th St. Community Garden
Salon Salon, a collaboration with Nicole Jones of Three Pennies and a Quarter salon: displaying images of garden art from the garden around the corner from the salon: W. 104th St. Community Garden.
my photo of Robert Salander's "Morse Garden" on 104th St.
Alyssa Casey's display of paper made from community gardens for Salon Salon.
Martha Hooper served her cupcakes for event
My Wall Archive of images from A Lot projects and garden flowers, at the ART-ECO-BIO exhibition. The exhibition took place in a former fallout shelter that now is below hotel on avenue of the Velvet Revolution
Katerina Liskova and Lenka Klodova in Brno, Czech Republic, after installing Robert Salanda's Morse Garden sentence ("Green With Envy" in Czech) in the spot I found that best replicated a New York City community garden. The work is next to a cafe and community place called Zahrada ("garden" in Czech.)
At Zahrada, I spoke to FEMA, a feminist collective, about A Lot and tART Collective. I also presented on A Lot at Brno University of Technology, in a class collaboration between Katerina Liskova and Lenka Klodova: The Body in the Field of Art and Sociology.
Post rainy opening, local diner
Gallery 51
For this exhibition, my archive was shown with work by some of the artists I'd placed in community gardens: Norbert Francis Attard, Suzanne Broughel, Alyssa Casey, Lisbeth Langkjaer, Laura Fayer, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Caroline Parks, John Tursi, Petra Valentova, Jonathan Velardi and Virginia Vergara.
curator Valeria Federici's essay
Wall Archive, right - my photographs of practically everything to do with A Lot, including flowers in the gardens and the invitations I make.
As part of the exhibition, I did a work-shop and talk about A Lot at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
WinterSpace, 2010
Jonathan Velardi's Flamingo Parade, left, along with artist proposals for the community gardens.
In 2010, my desire to turn the communal gardens into partial sculpture gardens was driven by aesthetic sensibility and municipal strategy: garden leases were up for re-negotiation with the city. Increasing the cultural value of the gardens (that already possess green and social capital,) decreases the chance of future demolition. I shared my MCAF grant with other artists, to realize art and events.

I collected over 300 signatures on behalf of the gardens, in a sketch book.
Installing Rainbow by John Tursi at the Mobilization for Change Garden
Installation: A Project (Untitled) for the W. 104th. Street Garden
Disaster Cookbook by Jenny Carolin and Petra Valentova
Alyssa Casey made paper from community garden plants and gave a talk on paper-making.
Interview with Norbert Attard on his project for the W. 104th St. Garden.
Norbert Francis Attard's
Attard installing in W. 104th Garden, with gardeners helping out
Caroline Parks wrapping trees and conducting interviews with people stopping by the W. 111th St. People's Garden.
I made ris a la mande and hot glogg for the winter garden events.
Summer, 2011
2009 invitation
In addition to starting WinterSpace, I also formed a temporary Seasonal Coalition with Jo Q. Nelson and Nikki Schiro - as we all share an interest in mixing up private, public and functional aspects of exhibition spaces.
preparing for Traveling Plants
Jonathan Velardi's fuses his research of urban gardens and garden design with his interest in patterns and public art for a proposal of an obelisk kit - to be assembled by community gardeners themselves.
For her mixed media installation, Request a Street Tree, Sandra Eula Lee photographed trees and pavements of New York City, reflecting both on city-dwellers' innate need for nature, as well as their preconceived notions of 'nature' - and the occasionally tragicomic results.
Kenneth Rasmussen's large linoleum prints depict interactive diversity - actual species coexisting with those of his imagination and communication taking place via his native Danish language, an invented language and interspersions of English profanity. His irreverent utopia includes an enormous chrocheted bra and briefs connected via a long spine, made from recycled plastic bags, that he intends for a NYC garden.
From San Francisco, Mark Inglis Taylor mailed drawings he made (and culled from personal archive) in response to my description of the 104th St. Garden. The drawings are open to interpretation and served as props during my telling the story of the garden to the show's visitors.
2009 opening and Alumbrados #1
Laura Fayer and Sandra Mack-Valencia made 'Alumbrados,' a wall collaboration, in response to W. 104th St. community gardeners being reminded of where they grew up, when they are in the garden - however different these locales. Their collaboration has continued and is a celebration of Medellin, Colombia, where Sandra grew up surrounded by her father's murals.
Julia Nevarez talk on progressive city-planning in Medellin